Storing Lifeblood
When your baby is born, the blood in the umbilical cord is discarded. Yet, thousands of parents around the world are now saving this potentially
life-saving umbilical cord blood.
There are many advantages to cord blood:
Cord blood is a perfect match to your baby's blood.

The incidents of GVHD are lower with cord blood transplants.
Cord blood is less likely to be rejected by the immune system.
Umbilical cord blood is a once in a lifetime product.
It must be saved at birth, or it is discarded.
Until recently, you could only save your newborn's cord blood by paying between $1,500 to $2,000 and an annual storage cost of between $100 to $200.
Newborn Blood Banking, Inc. now offers a more economical alternative while storing cord blood as whole blood, not just stem cells.
Some companies spin or wash down the blood. This process destroys stem cells. We store the cord blood as whole blood; it is not spun down or washed. The process is the same process used for bone marrow. Also, we will store all of the cord blood that is collected by your doctor. There are no hidden costs or additional fees for larger blood draws.
Our fees are:
$200 Registration Fee
$746 Cryo-Processing & Licensing Fee
($100 discount for early registration.  Additional $100 discount for turning in all paperwork at least 1 week before delivery.)
$149 Annual Storage Fee
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For more information, call toll free:
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or outside the U.S: (813) 948-2673
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Newborn Blood Banking is a licensed, privately-owned facility.
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